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We have a wide selection of dresses from international designers. All dresses are 100% exclusive and in new collaction. If you are looking to hire designer dresses you can hire dresses that are fitting for your life’s most special occasions. We help women look fabulous at an affordable price, coupled with a sleek and efficient service perfect for solving that dress dilemma; even if it’s your first dress hire experience. Look amazing at your event!


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«This is my first made-to-measure suit and I am completely satisfied. I feel very comfortable in it and those around me were enthusiastic when you saw me in it. Very nice contact who is fully responsive to the customers. Thank you. Anel»


«Dear Rita, I bought my 1st suit from you and I’m thrilled! Quality, service and price were absolutely top! Looking forward to buying the next suit from you. Thank you very much. Lorenz»


«I am still excited about the suit and have my best days / evenings in it!»


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